The Sunday Lunchers: Whitefire Grille, Canfield, OH

What a lovely day, 58 degrees, and just right for going out for lunch at a restaurant we’ve never tried:
Whitefire​ Grille
6580 Ironwood Blvd.
Canfield, OH 44406
We arrived at Whitefire Grille around 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon. There is an extensive lunch menu with many tempting items.  Whenever I see, “lightly dusted calamari, lemon, marinara”, I’m paying attention! But, then I noticed a “quickie” lunch special, ($8), of a cup of soup and half a sandwich. I settled on a “sandwich” of  buffalo shrimp with a cream sauce on spring greens in a roasted tomato flat-bread, (not showing on the menu attached), with a cup of lobster bisque. My husband ordered the meatloaf sandwich, ($8.95), which came with BBQ sauce, mayo and tempura-battered onion rings on sourdough ciabatta and a side of French fries.
Feeling buoyed by the unexpected weather, I asked the server for a recommendation of a dry white wine.
Ashley suggested the Irony Chardonnay ($7), asking if I’d like a taste first. The crisp and cold wine was wonderful, not overly sweet, and went down nicely with the lobster bisque and shrimp.DCIM114GOPRO
Ashley told us that everything is prepared fresh, nothing pre-made or frozen. As we tucked into our lunch, we realized that she was right. The lobster bisque was the perfect combination of cream and lobster, nothing overbearing, and the shrimp combination of cream and hot sauce paired well with the spring greens.DCIM114GOPRO
The meatloaf sandwich was a great slab of meatloaf on a single piece of ciabatta, topped with a BBQ/mayo sauce and crispy slivers of very lightly-battered onion rings. The French fries were, indeed, fresh cut. The meatloaf had the right seasoning without being overdone with herbs.
Lunch was a pleasant surprise of great food, drink and service. Our bill totaled $28.29 which included a soft drink; quite a good deal for a well-prepared meal.
The building was originally designed to look like a  ‘farmhouse’  and now appeared to be a large house with many rooms, in low-key elegant décor. There were at least three small dining areas, one larger area with a fireplace and the bar area, and another large area of impressive corner-banquet seating and tables. None of the dining rooms had a “barn-like” feel, instead, we felt as though we were privileged guests in a manor house. There are older pieces of furniture displaying bottles of wine and flower arrangements. Pleasant music playing softly made for a relaxing ambiance.
We will certainly return to this restaurant.
Movie recommendation:  “Secondhand Lions”
Eat well and be kind!
Sunday Lunchers




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