The Sunday Lunchers

Rust Belt Dining presents…


Hi, I’m Lee. My husband, Denny, and I are The Sunday Lunchers. We’re of retired age but still working.  My husband does small-engine work in the garage and I get the occasional part-time job.  We enjoy our Sunday lunches. We usually have a big breakfast and then go bumping around the counties wasting time and looking for a meal.  I never got the hang of a crock pot so a good lunch is imperative! We will make our way through the Valley, visiting those places you’ve been meaning to try, along with some of your favorite regular stops. Get the info you need to choose the right restaurant for a special meal, or just to try a new place. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences or share your favorite Mahoning Valley venue for a mid-day meal. Or find your new favorite place! The Sunday Lunchers page will be an easy, fun way to get the info you need for your Rust Belt Dining experience.



The Station Grille at Melillo's Tavern

The Station Grille at Melillo’s Tavern


Whitefire Grille and Spirits   Canfield, OH 44406

Fat Jimmy's BBQ New Castle, PA

Fat Jimmy’s BBQ
New Castle, PA






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